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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

There are many registry files in an NT-based system that can become fragmented after sometime taking more space on your hard drive than normally, which results in a decrease of the overall performance of the computer. NTREGOPT helps to remove all the unnecessary files that might be left from previously modified or deleted keys.
You should observe that NTREGOPT does not change the real content of the registry in any way nor does it makes physical defragmentation of the registry files on the computer, it simply compacts the registry hives to a size that is held to the minimum possible. You may use this program regularly to optimize access to the registry minimizing it. Note that for proper operation of NTREGOPT, you should be logged in as a system administrator only.

The program’s user interface could not be simpler. To optimize your registry, you only have to run the software and click “Ok”, and when the process is finished, again click “Ok” and that will reboot your computer. You should reboot immediately because any changes made to registry after it has been run are lost after the system is rebooted.

NTREGOPT has some special features like silent registry optimization without user interaction, which means that you can give some specific command and after that, it will run without interaction.

I like this software very much because among other things, it helps to keep my NT computer systems fast and it removes all the unnecessary registry files.


  • User friendly, Very useful, Free.


  • In Windows Vista, User Account Control should be turned off first.
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